Back-2-Back drawing

Get a 2 pieces of paper and 2 pencils.

Draw a really simple image on your paper like this…

Sit back to back with your partner and try to explain to them how to draw the image you are looking at without using key words like house, roof, sun and door.

Think about the position of the individual objects, are they touching lines, inside other objects? how long are the edges of some shapes? is the paper landscape or portrait?

See how close to the original drawing you can get and then swap.

Create your own Family Tree.

How big is your family tree?

Why not have a chat with your family and see just how far back you can trace your family tree.
Who were your great grandparents?
What did they do for work?
Is there anyone famous in your family?
What does your surname mean?
Keep a record of your answers and tell everyone in your family what you have learnt.

Family Challenge!

Why not challenge yourself and your family to an online quiz made by young people.